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The Machine

The ramping up of industrial machines suits the corporate psyche to feed itself and now it's feeding frenzy is out of control with no sense of the long or medium term consequences.

There are plenty of resources available to solve our issues of social and ecological destruction but the system that created them cannot profit from their repair.

We must learn to rely on each other and care for each other. There are grassroots communities doing what the money could easily afford to and doesn't. The key now is local community leadership.

There are a few in the billionaire class willing to pitch in when they know what actually needs to be done. No savior at the ready, though.

We all have to learn to do more with less and it's not easy but it's rewarding.

Changing the system or rewiring the matrix is not an option.

Being here for each other and filling in where there are shortfalls created by greed and ignorance is something we can all do.

And the reward is a deep sense of satisfaction.

So less stuff is needed to find our happy place and make happy memories.

And do the best we can to clean up this place for our kids.

Posted: 22 February 2023

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